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Product Assortment & Store Image/Google: Digital Bookstore

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Does product assortment change a store's image? Or, does the store image change perception of the products that store sells?

Reda, Susan (2010, May). The Bride Wore... Stores. Available on 4 July 2010 at http://www.stores.org/stores-trends-may-27-2010/bride-wore?adid=ST_Trendsrm

Specialty retailers better known for misses apparel are now selling wedding dresses, too. Urban Outfitters plans to launch a bridal brand online next Valentine's Day, The Limited will debut two gowns under $300 next month, and Vera Wang plans to develop a new line for David's Bridal.


Take a look at Google's newest venture into a digital bookstore. How will this affect the various distribution channels within the book selling industry?


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Product assortment and store image are dependent upon one another. A retailer may change the customer's perception by changing the product assortment, price strategy, store layout, merchandising, and marketing. In the case of bridal wear, retailers like J. Crew, The Limited, and Urban Outfitters can upgrade their image with customers by adding a sprinkling of dresses, typically available online only. Adding bridal wear gives the store a cachet, and opens the customer's mind to thinking about the store in a different manner. This tactic is particularly strategic in gaining the bridesmaid market, with weddings boasting two to four attendants.

Costco recently added wedding dresses to take advantage of the profitable bridal market (Chang, 2011). Customers discovering wedding dresses at Costco may at first find this at odds with the discount ...

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This solution addresses if product assortment changes a store's image or if the store images changes the perception of the products that the sotre sells. It is based on the concept of selling bridal gowns in various channels of trade. It also looks at Google's entry into the digital bookstore and explains how this will affect the various distribution channels within the industry. References are included.