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Article on Diversity and Human Capital

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Summarize and include your thoughts on the attached article by Stark & Popplers, "Reassessing Diversity and Human Capital By Revisiting Maruyama's Theories".

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The article: ""Reassessing Diversity and Human Capital By Revisiting Maruyama's Theories "by Stark & Popplers says that diversity programs by companies do not show a "business case" for creating of human capital. According to the article the perspective of multiculturalism is that civil rights movements must extend their effort to employment because traditional business rules and standards reflect reason and objectivity in favoring white males. Further, the article asserts that there is lack of evidence that diversity in business directly contributes to the profits of business.

The author quotes scholars who say that even though diversity may not directly contribute to the bottom line, it must be pursued because it is the right thing to do. He argues that there should be ...

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The answer to this problem summarizes and gives an opinion on the article "Reassessing Diversity and Human Capital By Revisiting Maruyama's Theories ". The references related to the answer are also included.