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    Comparing two different articles on diversity training

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    - Overview/summary of both articles (naming the articles titles and authors)

    - Main issues of both articles

    - Implied/factual impact of the main issues on organization

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    This paper compares two different articles that are based on diversity training. Overview of both articles along with main issues discussed by authors will be explored in the following paper. Factual impact of main issues will also be discussed in this.

    First article is "Training across cultures: What intercultural trainers bring to diversity training." Author of this article is Sandra Mumford Fowler. This articles state about effectiveness of diversity training that can be improved with the help of unique concepts and methods used by intercultural trainers. This article defines some components like culture, perception, behavior and communication and describes the rationale for their inclusion in diversity training. It also suggests some specific methods of training that can be helpful for diversity trainers to conduct diversity training effectively.

    Second article is "Best Practices for Managing Organizational Diversity." It is written by Patricia A. Kreitz. This article defines organizational diversity and suggests different best practices for positive diversity management. It explores the importance of academic libraries in diversity management. It also states about need of redefine the role of leaders and human resources in the organization. This article also suggests using multi approach techniques to improve management in diversity training. It helps to implement the changes in the organization in perspective of strategy, communication, processes and structure of organization.

    Issues Concerned
    First article talks about the intercultural trainers and ...

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    This solution compares two articles on diversity training.