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    Opinions about (biases towards) older workers

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    Do you have opinions about (biases towards) older workers?
    What are those views (biases)?
    What are the consequences of the graying American?
    Does this trend affect you? If so, state why and how. If not, state why not.
    Do you agree that older workers can provide a competitive advantage? Why or why not?
    If you were leading a company, how would you honor and manage age diversity in a company?
    Have you ever been discriminated against or treated differently because of your age? How did you handle it? If you reported to the employer, how was it handled?

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    Do you have opinions about (biases towards) older workers?

    Sometimes I will admit that I am concerned about their speed or work productivity due to mental or physical declines. I often worry about the age gaps in terms of social rapport with clients or customers in some work areas. I also question absenteeism and worry that due to age, higher rates of absences might become an issue.

    What are those views (biases)?
    They basically encompass absenteeism, productivity, and social ...

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    Brief opinions about (biases toward) older workers are integrated. The consequences of the graying American are given.