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My previous biases about mental health

What are some of your biases about mental health? How do you think you formed these biases?

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Some biases that I have had about mental health involve depression. In the past I have tended to fall into the thinking of holding that person responsible for his/her mental illness. I have a relative who has suffered from severe depression. He had just retired and it had surfaced soon after. Although he was seeing a psychiatrist regularly and taking anti-depressants he still suffered. When I expressed concern for him to other relatives I was told that he was feeling that way because he had "too much time on his hands and too much time to think."After hearing similar opinions about my relative and knowing that he was on medication and going for therapy seemingly to no ...

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Whether we intend to or not many of us form biases about mental health. There are a variety of reasons why these biases are formed. The following solution discusses my previous biases about depression and mental illness. It also explains the reasons I had for forming these biases.