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    Training that Influences Personal Interpretation

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    What types of training influences personal interpretation?

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    Q1. What types of training influences personal interpretation?

    Personal interpretations are based on cognitive frameworks that new ideas and information are filtered through during the interpretative process. This personal cognitive framework is often explicit, meaning that individuals are unaware of the cognitive framework that is impacting their decision-making through the interpretive process.

    For example, let's say that the boss comes up to you and encourages you to actively participate and engage in open dialogue at the next team meeting. Let's assume that your cognitive framework operating is this: "All bosses don't listen anyway," bosses do not care about my opinion," "participating is just a waste of time." You will then use this cognitive framework to interpret the boss's words and might interpret your boss's words to mean:

    "Sure, the boss is saying that she wants me to be open and to hear my opinion, but I know she won't really listen or doesn't care about my opinion anyways, so why should I waste my time by being open."

    Therefore, training that is intended to influence personal interpretation must directly or indirectly bring these cognitive frameworks and biases to conscious awareness.

    1. Training in Decision-Making Models

    Various theories get at this in different ways. Some authors, for example, would argue that that training in a rational decision-making model influences personal ...

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    This solution explains how training might influence personal interpretation and then looks at five types of training that can be used to influence personal interpretation. Supplemented with one highly informative article on the effect of cognitive rigidity and methods to combat it.