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The Psychodynamic Theory

What are some evaluations of psychodynamic theory and therapy? What are some of the aspects of psychodynamic theory that may be important to therapists? How well does this approach fit with a therapist emerging/developing theoretical orientation? How is the effectiveness of psychodynamic intervention? What are the challeges or criticisms for this approach?

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The psychodynamic theory is a widely used method that examines human functioning based on past traumatic events and any personal conflicts. Furthermore, the psychodynamic theory attests to the childhood years as the formative years for most all ideas an individual has regarding learning, personality, and attitude (Weiten, 2007). "Psychodynamic theorists believe that a person's behavior, whether normal or abnormal, is determined largely by underlying psychological forces of which he or she is not ...

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The psychodynamic theory is explicated in this response, including an explanation of psychodynamic theory, its importance for therapists, and limitations of this approach. Two references are given.