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    Details of Design Methods

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    Choose a field of education or training (preschool, kindergarten through 8th grade, high school, university, corporate, or military). Find a lesson plan online that is appropriate to your chosen field, and discuss the following:
    â?¢ Describe the learners whom the lesson is appropriate for.
    â?¢ Describe a possible learning environment.
    â?¢ Describe the activities and elements of the lesson plan.
    â?¢ Compare and contrast how Gagne's nine events of learning and Bloom's taxonomy would fit into this plan.
    â?¢ Align the activities to Gagne and Bloom.

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    This paper will address the learning plan called Aerobics for Kids in the age range of Grades 4-5. Physical education is very important at this age level and the ability to train the body to function and exercise is critical. The plan includes dance, thinking skills in dance, choreography, personal health, and motor skills. It explains the objectives of the students to discover movement patterns that have to do with the organs and processes of the body.

    Lesson Plan Analysis
    Lesson Plan for Grades 4th to 5th
    The lesson plan chosen is Aerobics for Kids by Renee Dye for grade level fourth to fifth grade. The objective of the lesson plan is to discover movement patterns that express information about basic systems, organs, and processes of the human body. They will work alone, in pairs, and in small groups to make movement choices that communicate scientific concepts in creative movement. They will also make inquiries into ways the body moves.
    Learning Environment
    The area needed for this will be comparable to a basketball court. Lots of room is needed in order for the children to expand their space and discover movement. In the area should be posters and pictures of movement such as body systems, dance, and steps. A blackboard, dry erase board, and markers are necessary for the children to expand their intellectual thinking on the subject. Resource books with clear information and diagrams are also needed.
    Activities and Elements of the Lesson ...

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