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    Types of Observations

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    1. As an administrator, How do you determine what to look for when doing a classroom observation?
    2. What are the differences between formative, summative, and continuous observations?
    3. As a supervisor, you are observing a new teacher who is about to give a math manipulative lesson in an elementary school classroom using candy-coated chocolate pieces. The teacher hands out the chocolates but neglects to provide a content objective for the lesson, procedures for the manipulative lesson, or directions to students. In seconds, candy-coated chocolate pieces are rolling all over the floor and students are eating them and throwing them at each other. The teacher is obviously flustered and the classroom is out of control. What do you do?

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    1. You must establish guidelines and paradigms based upon whether the teacher is a professional at all times, considerate toward all the children in the classroom, has control and management of the classroom, and is able to elicit the highest amount of participation out of students through the lesson methodology.

    2.Formative evaluations and continuous evaluations are the same in regard to formative evaluations occurring throughout the entire course during critical junctures ...

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    The types of observations are provided. The differences between formative, summative and continuous observations are discussed.