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    Professional Development Plan

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    Write a professional development plan. This plan must incorporate the Needs Analysis, evaluation criteria, and a delivery method.

    The plan must include the following:

    o Needs Analysis
    Introduction: LoRinda
    Organizational analysis: LoRinda

    Team analysis:

    Task analysis:
    o Learning objectives outlining what material is covered

    o Appropriate delivery method

    · Examples might include but are not limited to classroom, video conference, conference call, Web-based, or podcasts.
    · Your plan must be focused on one delivery method but may include up to two.

    o Evaluation criteria

    · Measures and collection points
    · Timeframe
    · Expected results quantifying success, failure, and the in-between

    The response addresses the queries posted in 760 words with 2 references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 788 words with references.
    // In this paper, we will discuss training and development plan for employees. We will also explain the need analysis and organizational analysis. It will be helpful in learning about team analysis and appropriate methods of delivering training. The paper will also include the evaluation of training and development program.//

    In an organization, the need analysis focuses on revealing the need for training areas that are well targeted. Conducting need analysis helps in providing a clear idea of the problem, and it also looks for all potential remedies and details their findings to management before reaching to the best solution. Needs analysis is helpful for an organization in identifying the nature of training program for the employees.

    An effectual training will help LoRinda in improving the performance of the employees through developing their skills. The organizational analysis helps in making a professional development plan. The needs have to be analyzed in order to maintain and develop workforce in the organization in an effective manner. The company will be able to determine the operational efficiency and build a good relationship and design the company's structure and also assigning the responsibilities to the company members (Training Needs Analysis, 2006).

    Team analysis in the company will ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 788 words with references.