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Differentiation in organizational structure

1. Discuss the roles of vertical and horizontal differentiation as they relate to organizational structure. In your opinion, which of these concepts is most important for an effective organizational structure?

2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the concept of division of labor. How is the concept of span of management related to division of labor?

3. What is acceptance of authority, and under which conditions will employees accept authority?

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1. The role of vertical differentiation in organization structure is the process by which the distribution of decision making is done by different job levels or titles, such as President, Vice President, and down the chain.

The role of horizontal differentiation in organizational structure is a distribution or separation of tasks and functions within an organization.

In my opinion, the concept that is most important for an effective organizational ...

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This solution discusses vertical and horizontal differentiation. It also discusses division of labor and acceptance of authority.