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    Structure and Strategy of an Annotated Bibliography

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    Prepare four new entries for your annotated bibliography. Two entries should concern the strategy of your organization, two should provide information about the structure of your organization. These sources will serve as the basis of your case analysis for this module.

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    Annotates Bibliography:

    Step 1
    Strategy of my organization: The strategy of my organization is differentiation.
    Kumar, K., Subramanian, R., & Strandholm, K. (2011). Market orientation and performance: does organizational strategy matter? Journal of Applied Business Research (JABR), 18(1).
    In this article, the authors carry out a survey of 159 hospitals and seek to establish a relationship between market orientation and performance for low cost and differentiation strategies. Hospitals that pursued a differentiation strategy were more market oriented than those pursuing a cost leadership strategy. According to the study in the companies that followed the differentiation strategy, customer orientation and competitor orientation had significant impact on performance. Even though the article has carried out its study in the context of hospitals, its results can be applied to organizations in other industries. The study stresses the importance of market orientation in order to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. According to the study, different components of market orientation lead to improved performance. The study says that different constructs of market orientation provide specific guidance for information gathering, dissemination, and response systems. This study will help my organization in being market oriented and gaining competitive advantage through differentiation.
    Munteanu, C. C. (2015). Competitive differentiation through brand extensions in the era of hyper competition. Romanian Economic Journal, 18(55), 57-70.
    This article provides pointers about the relationship between brand ...

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