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    Organizational Restructuring & "Rhetoric" Mission Statements

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    Question 1) Based on the following website: http://www.philips.com/global/index.html
    Describe the effects of the organizational restructurings on the responsiveness and flexibility of company's global operations. Describe an organizational behavior strategy that would be recommended to Matsushita's new chief executive officer to help posture the company for future success.

    Question 2) In the prevalent American organizational management culture, what are most business organization's mission and values? Why do so many employees think organizational mission statements are rhetoric, that these statements do not reflect the organizational behavior at play in the company, and that they are not believed or observed by senior management? Use examples to support your answer.

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    1) The effects of organizational restructuring on the responsiveness and flexibility of company's global operations can be immense. If there is organizational restructuring, the costs of the company decrease and there is less overhead management cost, with restructuring teamwork improves and the responsibility gets divided among the team members. After restructuring the team is able to make decisions quickly, the scalar chains of command do not have to be scaled repeatedly and this increases flexibility and responsiveness of organizations. Restructuring in the global context means placing decision making as close to the front line as possible. After restructuring all employees are required to participate in decision-making and this improves individual ...

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