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    Explain why decision making is an important component of good management

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    1.Explain why decision making is an important component of good management.
    2.Discuss the difference between programmed and non-programmed decisions and the decision characteristics of certainty and uncertainty.
    3.Describe the ideal, rational model of decision making and the political model of decision making.
    4.Explain the process by which managers actually make decisions in the real world.
    5.Identify the six steps used in managerial decision making.
    6.Describe four personal decision styles used by managers, and explain the biases that frequently cause managers to make bad decisions.
    7.Identify and explain techniques for innovative group decision making.

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    An Important component:

    1) Decision making is vital to all the management activities as it helps set definite objectives, prepare plans of action, determine organizational structure, motivate personnel and introduce innovations. Management without decisions is like a man without backbone. Every aspect of management functions is determined by decisions the result of which is the performance of the organization.

    The scientific decision making is well tried process of arriving at the best possible choice of solution within a reasonable period of time It requires two alternatives as if there is only one alternative there is no decision to be made.

    Programmed and Non-programmed decisions:

    2) Broadly speaking there are only two types of decisions - programmed and non-programmed. The programmed deal with the routine and or repetitive types of problems and non-programmed are caused by unstructured problems for which there is no solution. The programmed are repetitive and are dealt with at appropriate level as per the laid down procedure. If one worker absents it may be dealt ...