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    Group decision making

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    (This project calls for an analysis of your small group and your small groups final project. If you did not participate in the small group you will need to analyze another team or group in which you were a member.)

    The CEO read your small groups strategic plan and is very impressed with your suggestions and the speed with which your group developed the plan. He would like more groups within the organization to be as effective and efficient as your group was with this project. In order for other members of management to benefit from your group's experience you are to create an article for the corporate management newsletter that addresses the following questions:

    What type of decision making process did your group use to arrive at a consensus decision?
    In what ways is the group decision making process different from the individual decision making process?
    Did your group avoid or reduce group biases or errors? If yes, how? If no, why not or what happened?
    What are the implications of social influence for individuals and organizations?

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    //Before, writing about the decision making process that group uses to arrive at a consensus decisions, we have to first of all understand the meaning of the 'Decision Making Process'. We know that it is an essential component of the Management and sometimes conceived as managerial function. So, firstly, we will write about the Decision Making Process under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Decision-making is purely a human practice and is an essential component of the management process. It is primarily a course of action that is undertaken to arrive at a decision by making a selection among a variety of alternatives appropriate for the given situation. At times, decision-making is regarded both as a managerial function as well as an organizational process. In general, the process is based upon factual & value premises and similar to other management processes, is goal-oriented in nature (Mathew, 2003).

    //Above, we talked about decision making that is a course of action to attain a decision. As per directions, we will discuss about the various decision making processes that render assistance to the group in solving out the problems. If you want, you can add more in the decision making process. I am just depicting a brief overview.//

    There are a variety of decision-making processes that assist the group in arriving at a consensus decision. However, in our case, the group uses a simple top-down decision-making process:

    ? Recognizing and defining the problem in clear terms.

    ? Analyzing the given problem.

    ? Sharing opinion on various aspects of the problem.

    ? Devising a solution to the problem and assuming a collective responsibility for that decision.

    ? Monitoring the execution of decision and gathering feedback.

    Such an integrated approach enables the ...

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