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Stakeholder Analysis for a Communication Management Plan

What items should a communication management plan address? How can a stakeholder analysis assist in preparing and implementing parts of this plan?

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Project is an activity which is unique and temporary and helps in implementing the strategy of the organization. Stakeholders play an important role in project planning. Stakeholders are those parties which are interested in the project. Stakeholder includes project staff, investors, customers, suppliers, public, operational team etc. They can have both positive and negative influence on the project and hence their interests and objectives should be considered while making the plan. Their interests and suggestion must be taken care of in the communication management plan.
As per project-management-knowledge, "The communication management plan is the written document that outlines, highlights, and details the communications needs and expectations for the entire project." As per cms.gov, "The Communication Management Plan documents the protocol for conducting effective communications for the project to help manage project team and stakeholder expectations and prevent un-channeled communication. The Communication Management Plan documents the methods and activities needed to ensure timely and appropriate collection, generation, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of ...

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This solution discusses the important role stakeholders play in project management and the items that need to be addressed by the communication management plan in 639 words.