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Case Conceptualization-an Outline for Learning

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In a counseling setting, what are some of the factors or variables that would be most pertinent or helpful in working up a case conceptualization? How does one's level of cultural competence influence the conceptualization of the client? What multicultural counseling variables are salient with the population of clients being served at your practicum site?

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In a counseling setting, the case conceptualization process begins with a comprehensive intake interview. The interview should cover the following information:
? Presenting Problem: What symptoms does the client currently report? Is the client depressed, anxious, have problems with memory? How long?
? Mental Health History: Has the client ever been hospitalized for mental health reasons? If yes, where and how long? How many times?
? Cultural Factors? What is the client's ethnicity? Did the client or his/her family immigrate here? What is there level of acculturation? What is their primary language? Religion? Sexual orientation?
? Psychosocial History: Was the client born on-time? How was their childhood/adolescence? Is the client close to his or her family members? Who does the client rely on for social support? How many years of education does the client have? Any learning ...

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The following document describes the essential information needed to form a case conceptualization. Also considered is how cultural competence can influence this process.