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Research Kolb's learning styles using sports concussions

Submit an outline for the research project topic attached.

Your outline should follow and expand on the basic Experiential Learning Model, i.e., contain a section for each of the following segments at the highest level of the outline:
Concrete Experience -> Reflective Observation -> Abstract Conceptualization -> Active Experimentation

Start with one personal experience from the workplace or researched experience from an organization that can be linked toOrganizational Behavior.

Your submission for this should consist of 2-3 pages (double spaced), and include an outline of your CONCRETE EXPERIENCE and an outline of some REFLECTIVE OBSERVATION based on that experience. Then discuss at least two related course content/topic areas that relate to the topic and experience in the ABSTRACT CONCEPTUALIZATION portion of the outline, and finish with an outline of possible learning you have realized, based on your analysis of theory applied to that experience in the ACTIVE EXPERIMENTATION section of the outline.

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I have outlined a response. I am also including a lot of references relating to the subject. They are more reflective of the concerns about players at different levels and the research being done. The Chris Tolliver references are to show he was injured and released due to concussion. I hope this helps. You should be able to flesh out the section with the references and it might help you with other parts of the research.

Studies of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) have become more prominent in some sports and medicine programs, especially at the college level. While the NFL continues to block efforts for more responsible acceptance, colleges are attempting to be more proactive. A good example is the concussions suffered by Chris Tolliver at Louisiana State University. This young man suffered a major concussion during practice in 2011. With help from the coaches and staff, he decided after another major hit, to leave the program. He was released from the program, but still allowed to continue under scholarship until he graduated. He would also not apply to enter the NFL draft, which as ...

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An example of a personal experience using Kolb's model to enlighten the research.