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Please give a description of what is consider to be the three most significant evolutionary milestones or advances in testing and assessment. Then, describe what is considered to be: Two or more of the best uses of testing and assessment and two or more of the most blatant abuses of testing and assessment

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? Significant Advances in Testing and Assessments

Among the evolutionary advance in assessment is associated with the technique of brain imaging. Sport injuries and concussions have reached epidemic proportions that have led to an explosion in research in this area (Ellemberg, Henry, Macciocchi, Guskiewicz, & Brogli, 2009). As cited by Ellemberg et al. several batteries have been developed to address the problem of sport and closed-head injuries involving comprehensive cognitive testing and objective measures. Among the batteries is the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) developed by researchers, and can be administered on the sidelines of games (p. 2367). According to Ellemberg et al., balance plays a vital role in sports activities; the BESS assesses a hierarchy of brain functions including the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, ...

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