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Effective Teaching and Learning

Can some please help me this questions:
1. An explanation of your conceptualization of learning
2. An explanation of your conceptualization of teaching
3. An explanation of your goals for students
4. An explanation of how you plan to implement your philosophy
5. An explanation of your professional growth plan with references?

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1. My conceptualization of learning is an increased level of awareness of a given subject matter, or body of knowledge. I also perceive learning to be an ever increasing accumulation of facts and information, that includes an increasing ability to process, assimilate, and utilize, this increased knowledge or information. I also conceptualize learning as a skill that can be developed, due to the fact that individuals can increase the volume of information that they can absorb and store within their memories with increased levels of practice and experience. A very important component of my conceptualization of learning, is that learning requires the desire of a student or individual increase their level of knowledge, as well as an effective medium by which to efficiently and effectively provide this ...

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This solution describes what constitutes effective teaching and learning through goals for students, implementing philosophy and also professional growth plan. All references used are included.