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Research-Based Instruction

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How can educators use effective, research-based instruction techniques to increase student success? What specific techniques do you plan to use?

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President Bush has signed the No Child Left Behind Act in January, 2002 which asks educators to teach ALL students successfully and to provide accommodation to learners with disabilities. When students who are academically at risk are not given the proper accommodations, they will fall behind and might exhibit problems in behaviour. When this happens, teachers might feel frustrated and become less effective. However, if they are trained on research-based methods in teaching in instructional as well as behavioural, they will be more prepared to face a diverse learning environment.
It has been proven the if used correctly, an improved student achievement is achieved. Teachers will have a broader range of instructional options, there will be more diversified learning approaches for students with different abilities as well as incorporate effective instructional strategies for students with special education needs. When ...

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