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Interactive Instruction

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1. How can a teacher analyze student performance and then adjust instruction based on student performance during instruction?
2. Explain the purpose of a teacher adjustment in instruction.
3. How does a teacher adjustment of instruction relates to the level of student performance?
4. Assess the effectiveness of a teacher interactive instruction as it relates to students performance.
5. What is an alternative method of analysis a teacher can use to gauge student performance during instruction? Justify answer.
6. How might this alternative method might affect my personal teaching strategies in the future?

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How a teacher can analyze student performance and the adjust instruction based on student performance during instructions are examined. The purpose of a teach adjustment in instruction are explained.

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1. How can a teacher analyzes student performance and then adjusts instruction based on student performance during instruction?

A student can analyze student performance, both quantitatively (analysis of test and assessment results) and qualitatively (review of student work samples, student interviews and observations). There are formal assessments (District Test, Norm Referenced Assessments and Commercial Diagnostic Assessments) and informal assessments ( formative assessments, student dialogue and feedback). The review and analysis of these assessment structures can then be utilized to augment instruction in terms of speed, amount of content, areas of struggle and/or areas of strength.

2. Explain the ...

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