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Brief summary of interactive smartboards

Electronic Whiteboards (SMARTboards) Instructors can use it for an assessment tool by creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint or similar programs to test students. Smart boards are excellent collaboration tools. Any information created on the smart board such as handwritten notes by the professor during a lecture can be saved and emailed to the class or used to collaborate with another class or professor.The Smart board technology provides instructional value by simultaneously presenting information to students with various learning styles.

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Electronic whiteboards, also called smartboards, are an interactive instructional tool. Particularly when used in conjunction with software, the devices are interactive and multimedia presentation tools that are very useful for instruction and formative or summative assessment. Their interactivity makes them ideal for presentations designed to meet varied ...

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Interactive smartboards with accompanying software, are a teaching tool that addresses varied learning styles and presents information in interactive ways that allows instructors to assess learning formatively and summatively - brief discussion, with research studies link.