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Organizing An Interactive Presentation

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I have been asked to present at a professional organization's meeting and the topic requested was "Twin Technologies-Low-Tech and High-Tech Job Aides" and I am trying to create one version that is interactive for a live audience. Please advise me on how I should organize my presentation.

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This solution gives the general flow for an interactive presentation on "Twin Technologies-Low Tech and High Tech Job Aides. It includes a design template for the presentation and APA formatted references.

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In creating a presentation, I would include explanatory visuals to help learners understand the relationship of the content to the instructional goal. I would also intended the outcome to be informal and low key so that learners would feel encouraged and enabled to take part and accept training. The video segments included are for the purpose of having an expert on hand, in order to lend his or her professional advice to the subject and further cement the learning. I included frequent examples to help spark engagement with the learners and encourage them to consider tie-ins to their specific situations. Also, analogies were included that ...

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