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    Ingredients for an Effective Presentation

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    Imagine you have been asked to make FOUR presentations on "Effective Presentation Skills" for FOUR very different audiences. What would be your presentation objective for each group?

    Write an objective statement (also known as "purpose statement") for each of the following audiences for a total of FOUR statements. Each statement will follow a pattern: "As a result of my presentation an audience of . . . (name the audience) will . . . (state your specific purpose for this audience and your intent clearly and concisely)."

    An audience of CEOs
    An audience of management-level corporate employees
    An audience of volunteers between the ages of 50-60
    An audience of technology employees under the age of 30
    In paragraph form, discuss the following:

    HOW did you decide to alter or change your presentation objective to meet the specific information needs of each audience? WHY?
    HOW would you suggest your classmates improve or change their objective statements? WHY?

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    In today's fast, competitive environment success usually comes to those who can deliver their ideas in a clear, organized, and confident manner. The skill needed to present information or persuade others is a learned activity. Its focus should be on the critical components of effective presentations - a clean, clear formal structure, solid evidence, and dynamic interactive delivery elements.

    An effective presentation accomplishes the following:

    ? Leadership Role -- Presenting information, providing directives or introducing a new concept are all ways of highlighting your leadership skills and increasing your visibility in ...

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    366 words and an attached Word document give 3 outcomes of a successful presentation and 3 preparations that must be made to achieve them.