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    Brand Strengthening

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    (Please answer all questions 1 through 5) with a small Powerpoint presentation

    Please remember we are exporting our Mexican Sauce to Australia and our target market is the Mexican Australian population.

    You have learned in business that the strength of the brand is critical to the long-term survival of a business.

    You also learned that the strength of the brand is directly related to perceptions of quality.

    Based upon our decision to export QueRico!, our freshly made (with the finest ingredients) Mexican Sauce to Australia, please create a small powerpoint presentation that includes the following:

    1. State the product's core strategy-the value preposition - and positioning of ¡Que Rico!.

    2. Discuss how culture impacts the consumer's perception of quality in your foreign market.

    3. Select the top three media vehicles that you consider most effective in transmitting your message. Explain your selection.

    4. Based on the information above-core strategy, perceptions of quality and the three media vehicles-develop a preliminary ad that includes the headline, the sub-headline, the copy, visuals, and the layout in your design.

    5. Please cite all reference used.

    Notes from the Instructor for assistance:
    External Resources

    Title: Can-Fit-Pro
    Description: Writing Persuasive Marketing Material
    URL: http://www.canfitpro.com/html/April_May_article.asp

    A brand is a name, mark, design or symbol that allows a product to be identified and differentiated from other products. It is also a marketer's promise to deliver consistently a specific set of features, benefits, and services to buyers.
    The core strategy is also extremely important in the creation of your message.
    Analyzing your main competitor's core strategy helps the formulation of your own core strategy.
    Essentially, it is a summary of the differentiation approach pursued by your brand versus your competition.
    Your presentation should include relevant statements in explanation form, as well as bullet points for quick reference.

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