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    DISC Profile Assessment: individual dimensions of bahavior

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    Please respond to the questions below.

    1. A brief analysis of your individual dimensions of behavior as outlined in the DISC® profile.

    2. A summary of your individual predominate behavioral style.

    3. A list of any strengths and weaknesses identified.

    4. A brief analysis of why you individually agree or disagree with the assessment.

    A SNAPSHOT MY SUBSTYLE (for your answering the questions)

    The Impresser (Ic)

    You are predominantly an Interactive Style.

    We break each main Style down into four Substyles. Yours is the Ic, which we like to call The Impresser.
    The Impresser is LESS open and LESS direct than most other Interactive styles. Below is a snapshot of
    The Impresser Substyle... as such, it's a closer look at you!
    The primary goal that motivates you is to win with flair.

    However, you do not want to win at any cost or hurt others' feelings. Taking shortcuts seems like cheating to you, so you avoid such behaviors. You can become impatient with those who procrastinate about getting started. At times, you can get so involved with getting a job done that you stretch the truth a bit.


    _ Wanting to achieve results with flair
    _ Seeing winning as an all-or-nothing proposition
    _ Judging people by their ability to make things happen
    _ Working harder when bigger risks or rewards are at stake
    _ Preferring to share in work and goals with people
    _ Being concerned about looking bad
    _ Wanting to do things the "best" way
    _ Becoming restless, short-tempered, and even lashing out when under pressure


    With Tasks:
    You tend to underestimate the time and effort required by you or others to accomplish tasks. So you should pace yourself better and draw on outside resources. Be more selective about the tasks you take on and don't hesitate to ask others to do their parts.

    With People:
    Your hard-driving approach means you tend to be impatient, especially when stressed or under the gun. If you blow off steam, you may later regret what was said or done because of its impact on your image. So learning to relax and to enjoy regular recreation is important for recharging your battery.


    _ Pace yourself better by adding one-third to one-half the time to original estimates of when tasks can be done. Similarly, reduce by one-third to one-half the number of projects you take on.
    _ Maintain your perspective by seeking to be less emotional and intense about non-critical situations.
    _ Take a stress-management course and learn simple breathing exercises as a way to deal with pressure.

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