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    Leadership Development and DiSC Assessments

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    Self-awareness is critical to effective leadership. You are on a committee for creating a leadership development program at a large corporate organization with 12 VPs, who provide oversight to over 4,000 employees. What processes would you introduce to help leaders who participate in the leadership development program to constructively develop a better self-awareness (e.g., personality, values, and personal biases)?

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    One of the most used self-assessment tools available for leadership development is the DiSC assessment. DiSC helps people understand their own behavior styles, and also recognize why other people behave in different ways. Four components comprise a person's DiSC style:

    Dominance: High Ds are take-charge, no-nonsense people. They embrace challenges, and they value fast decisions and quick results. Others often perceive high Ds as overly blunt, even rude, so Ds must learn to control their impatience, less they risk alienating colleagues.

    Influencing: High Is are warm, sunny, and outgoing. They are highly social and often highly charismatic, and they ...

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    History and usefulness of the DiSC assessment in executive roles are examined.