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Disc Platinum Rule Assessment

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Please help with an Interactive Style and the sub style is impresser.

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Disc Platinum Rule is a behavior assessment tool, used often by companies and teams to assess the compatibilities of members of teams. Assessments tools make human resource managers and team leaders feel more comfortable with the personalities of the people they work with. Personality and behavior assessments are often a part of the hiring process.
The main problem with assessments of these types are not the assessments, but the way the person taking it understands the questions, applies the questions to themselves, answers the questions. Some assessment testing is confusing or asks the same questions in different ways. People try to match their answers across the test. Some people try to apply the question based on what they believe the company wants them to say or what they believe about themselves. So the tests are only a part of actual assessment of a person and their ability to fit into a group or team.
The Disc Platinum Rule assessment has a spectrum of personality types, both dominant and subdominant. The social, the interactive and others help HR principals focus on specific strengths and weaknesses of workers. Knowing if a person is creative or a socialize, a leader or a detail oriented person can help form groups that move quickly through the forming and ...

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