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Project proposal for profit-maximizing: 4795-econ

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I need the following questions answered

- an assessment of whether Odyssey Isle's current pricing strategy is profit-maximizing.
- the revenue and profit implications for the alternative pricing strategies proposed by Bob Radcliffe, James Bender, and Nell Richards.
- how Odyssey Isle's current and proposed pricing strategies affect consumer surplus.
- Recommend an optimal pricing strategy at Odyssey Isle. Your proposal should specify the exact prices that should be charged to visitors and demonstrate that these prices will produce the maximum level of profits for Odyssey Isle.
- JetSetter's current practice of bundling the golf option with the luxury option. Recommend an optimal bundling strategy for the golf, luxury, and family options. Discuss profits under each alternative.
- Evaluate JetSetter's bundling options for a Big Apple Platinum package. Discuss profits for each possible option: separate prices, mixed bundling, and pure bundling. Recommend a Big Apple Platinum package pricing strategy.

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