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    DISC Platinum Rule Assessment

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    I need some feed back on this and my team styles please.

    My style is The Pioneer (or Dc) is being in a position to direct and redirect task accomplishments. You tend to focus more on the future than on either the present or the past. You are driven by a quest for unique accomplishments and you avoid boredom. Although you are cautious and calculating, your ability to think quickly enables you to act quickly when the situation requires it. As an agent of change, you do not like to leave things as you found them.

    My team styles are:

    The Producer (or Ds) is accomplishing bigger and better goals according to an internal timetable. You prefer to be involved in your chosen activities from start to finish, and you resist people who are obstacles to your achievements. Your ability to produce makes you highly valued in situations in which an efficient, dependable, or incrementally improving rate of production is desired.

    The Impresser (or Ic) is to win with flair. However, you do not want to win at any cost or hurt others' feelings. Taking shortcuts seems like cheating to you, so you avoid such behaviors. You can become impatient with those who procrastinate about getting started. At times, you can get so involved with getting a job done that you stretch the truth a bit.

    And last is

    The Enthusiast (or Id) is influencing people. You enjoy symbols of authority and prestige. You feel uncomfortable with any kind of confinement or restriction of freedom. Your high level of self-confidence enables you to withstand criticism from others. Each new person and situation is interesting to you, so life seems continually fresh.

    I need help getting started -- I have gone over this and over this and think I need to step out, and get some feedback from someone else.

    Please help me with compare and contrast the predominant behavioral styles and what type of result we could expect of the combination of the DISC styles represented above.

    If you have any references -- just one to get started would be very helpful and any feedback would be appreciated.

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    We first compare and contrast your style with that of the producer in your team. You are focused on accomplishing task, and the producer is also focused on accomplishing tasks. You focus on the future whereas the producer focuses on getting into the future. You are able to think quickly and the producer is able to produce quickly. However, you avoid boredom whereas the producer sticks on to the tasks, however boring provided he achieves the, you focus on the future whereas the producer focuses on the present. You are an agent of change whereas the producer resists change till the present activities are finished.

    We next compare and contrast your style with that of the impresser in your team. You direct task accomplishments and the impresser is also interested in wining with flair. You are driven by a need for unique accomplishments whereas the impresser gets impatient with those that waste time. You like to change things whereas the impresser likes to get involved with a job. You look to the future whereas the impresser is ...

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