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DiSC Report and Plan of Action and Commitment Timetable

Discuss the Results of Your DiSC and Create a Performance Improvement Action Plan, specifically, a Plan of Action & Commitment Timetable, in a 2-3 page paper, not including cover and reference pages, that looks something like this:

1. What does your DiSC report tell you about your strengths and capacities in relation to coaching, specifically?
What aspects of the report seem to describe you well?
What aspects of the report do not seem to describe you well?
How does this information relate to other self-assessments that you might have taken in the past?

2. Prepare a "Plan of Action and Commitment Timetable" as illustrated in the Brocato (2003) article, Figure 4, p. 21.

Feel free to search the Internet for other information on DiSC. A wide variety of companies and coaching services related to DiSC are now available online internationally!

I have attached the results of the DiSC report and Brocato's Plan of Action and Commitment Timetable.


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The DISC report analyses an individual's personality and behavior, in both work and non-work environments, and reports the strengths and areas needing development in the realms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.
• Dominance: This describes the manner in which people manage problems, how they assert themselves and how they control situations requiring attention.
• Influence: This refers to the way individuals relate, communicate and deal with others.
• Steadiness: This is a measure of an individual's temperament; how they rate in the areas of thoughtfulness, patience and persistence.
• Compliance: This measure describes how an individual approaches and organizes the activities, procedures and responsibilities they manage, both professionally and personally.

It is important to understand that the results of a DISC report are based upon the answers presented by a cross section of the population. The results would be different if based against a different population and in no way reflect overall strengths, abilities or weaknesses but rather areas of opportunity for development and areas exemplified by existing talents and personality traits. It is to be used as a guide to assist in the development of managers, aiding them in identifying and developing the traits necessary to be effective managers and coaches in the perspective fields.

The results of this specific DISC report displayed the following scores:
• Dominance - 16 (Low Range 0-30)
• Influence - 16 (Low Range 0-30)
• Steadiness - 28 (Low ...

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This solution discusses a DiSC report and prepares a plan of action and commitment timetable.