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    Performance Consultant: Client's Readiness to Change

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    1. Credibility and influence are vital components for success as a performance consultant as well as successful completion of any consulting project. Use the "Client Capabilities and Commitment" Assessment on p. 97 - 98 in the Field Book. Upon completing the Client Assessment, utilize the If-Then Chart on p. 99 to write a report on your client's readiness.

    2. Begin locating and assembling resources for our project, but we do not need to submit this is just for future

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    To determine if the client organization is ready to take action and make changes, I performed an evaluation based upon the "Client Capabilities and Commitment" Assessment. The client is the Athletic Director of a local community college, who would like to improve the transfer rate of student athletes to four-year colleges. The concept has been suggested that by improving overall team performance, the college will benefit from increased game attendance revenue and the student athletes will benefit from learning successful behavioral practices. These learned behaviors would carry over to their schoolwork and personal life, which will help propel them toward four-year schools.

    The client, Dr. Jones, has defined his problem clearly: the majority of his school's teams consistently rank below average in league rankings. He has come to this conclusion based upon statistical reports from the last five years. In working with the client, we've looked at student athletes from successful teams and noted ...

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    This solution utilizes the "Client Capabilities and Commitment" Assessment in the Performance Consultant's Field Book to determine a client's readiness for change. Example is given.