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Management Human Resources Case Study

Review the case study on pages 212 to 216. Answer the four questions in a Word document.

The text book is Organization Development & Change by Thomas G. Cummings and Christopher Worley 9th edition

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1. The OD consultant admitted that he had done very little in the way of preparing for the meeting; he know little about the plant manager, Robert Denton, very little about Kenworth Motors and did not have a meeting agenda. (p. 212) As the OD consultant, one of the first things I would have done was to research the company. Also, I would have talked with Charlie Wright to get his impression of Robert Denton's personality. Not knowing what the perceived problem was with Kenworth Motors, I would have at least jotted down a few pointed questions to ask from the start.

2. The OD consultant stated that after Denton talked about his daily routine and his management staff, he stopped himself from asking further questions. (p. 213) If he did not want to bombard him with more questions, he should ...

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