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Considerations of a psychotherpist

Give two reasons why it is important for a psychotherapist to understand the client's strenghs and challenges. If any explain any diversity considerations and how these considerations would influence how a psychotherapist would proceed with the client. Explain how the psychotherapist would assess the client's readiness to change.

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It is important for a psychotherapist to understand a client's strengths and challenges because so that a trusting relationship can be built between the client and the psychotherapist. Also if a psychotherapist is aware of a client's strengths and challenges it can help him/her know the kind of approach to treatment that would be needed for the patient.

Psychotherapists use various techniques for treatment based on experiential relationship building, dialogue and communication and behavioral change that is meant to improve the mental health of a client or to improve ...

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The following solution explains some of the factors that a pyschotherapist must consider when interacting with clients These factors include the importance of them understanding a client's strengths and challenges, any diversity considerations, and the steps a pyschotherapist may take to assess a client's readiness to change.