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    Qualitative Considerations in Performance Evaluations

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    What are some qualitative considerations that might be helpful in employee performance evaluations?

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    Qualitative considerations can be helpful in performance evaluations for a multitude of reasons. Unlike quantitive considerations that are measurable, which may advise an employee of performance factors such as number of invoices processed per day, qualitative factors are observational and focus more on the employee's interactions.

    For example, a computer salesperson fulfills the monthly quota of 100 units sold. On a quantitive level, the employee would appear successful. But if the retailer had customers complete on online survey on the service they received, and those results were negative - such as the salesperson was rushed ...

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    This solution is over 350 words in length; thoroughly describing why qualitative considerations are helpful during performance evaluations. Qualitative feedback provides a basis of perception that may not be measurable in a quantative manner; such as a customer service rating. Rather, these considerations assist to show an employee how their actions are perceived by others; both positive and negative.