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I need help with two of my homework. Please be as detailed as possible...write a least 30-40 complete sentences for each question so I can understand. APA Format with references.

1. Identify the basic problems in the consultant-client relationship.

2. Imagine you are a consultant and have been approached by a client to undertake OD work in his/her company. Briefly list the various stages and steps (JUST LIST).

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An online source noted that an OD consultant works to bring about positive changes in an organization by: a) meeting with the client to discuss the reasons for the consultation, b) gathering data about the problem, c) analyzing the data, d) reporting the results, and d) suggesting ways and guiding the organization to implement the desired changes
(http://www.washington.edu/admin/hr/pod/leaders/orgdev/ ).

Though the intention of OD consultancy is great and the bottom line is both individual and organizational performance in the client's organization as a result of changes that may be implemented, the following problems may arise in the consultant-client relationship:
1. Differences in expectations to change
2. Ambiguous responsibilities of client and OD consultant
3. Readiness of the ...

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This report includes a discussion of consultancy in the area of organizational development. Specific topics include basic problems of client-consultant relationship in OD and the stages or phases in the OD consultancy process. the stages include: a) contracting or entry phase, b) diagnostic phase, c) intervention phase, and d) evaluation phase. Specific activities in each phase were indicated.

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