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Organizational Development Consulting

I would like you to summarize the videos in around 600 words total. Include:

How do they define and develop their brand?
How do they establish their source credibility?
How have they packaged their products?


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Organizational development consultancy is a field where consultants can be used when a company does not have an internal OD department. Companies have to move quickly, have the appropriate people with the appropriate training in place to meet demands. Companies also must have technology and information to meet their goals. As such, an important part of change and change management, organizational development consultants are more popular today than ever.

Companies that perform consultancy tasks are more in demand and colleges and universities are doing their best to train and supply this global business. Consultants are trained to understand how to understand and evaluate the needs of companies and how to apply techniques for improving the company and its changes. As one of the men in the fourth video states, the consultant supplies the knowledge and expertise the company may not have to do jobs the company does not have the time or the skill to perform.

Graduates of consulting management have opportunities ...

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