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    Organizational Development Paper

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    Needing assistance writing a paper in which you examine the concept of organizational development. Be sure to address the following items in your examination:

    Explain the process of organizational development.

    Identify the theories associated with organizational development.

    Describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development.

    Need to be in APA format, and at least two references

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    Organizational development targets an overall change in the organizational culture to increase the organizational effectiveness and viability. The most used definition is Beckhard's (1969) which states that organization development (OD) is "an effort, planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization's processes, using behavioral-science knowledge" (pag.9). More recently the focus has been on giving all stakeholders in the organization ownership of the process. "The assumption is that ... they are likely to discover new ways of working together that they experience as more effective for achieving their own and their shared (organizational) goals" (Nielsen, 1984, pag.3). The organizational development is more likely to be successful if all stakeholders agree and actively participate in the process.

    Organizational development is a response to change trigger by external factors and a process that carries a predetermine end result. External factors such as globalization, increase competition or economy can force the organization to enter a development process as means to increases profits or cost reduction, become cost-effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction, increase productivity or quality of service, or ascertain job satisfaction, among others (Free-Management Library, n.d.). The idea is to have ...

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    The solution includes a discussion about the concept, process and conditions necessary for successful organizational change. It also includes a concise description of the Taylor's Scientific Management theory, Weber's Bureaucratic theory and McGregor's Theory X vs. Theory Y.