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    Principles of the Bureaucratic Structure

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    I had to do a case study on Xerox. I did the paper, I just need someone to double check it for me to make sure everything is answered okay and formatted correctly. I do need help with the closing statement. Can I please get help with that? Here is the questions from case study. I will also upload the case study as well and my paper

    Read and reflect on the case study involving the CEO of Xerox on page 145 of your textbook. In a two-to-three- page, APA formatted paper, describe the principles of the bureaucratic structure. Explain why flattening hierarchies and empowering teams is a strategy. Analyze what divisional structures are presented (product, geographic, and market). Conclude with your thoughts on how organizational design models and structures impact organizational development.

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    1. You do not need to write the word "Introduction" in the opening paragraph of an APA paper. I made adjustment to that part in this paper.
    2. Your thesis statement should be next. I put it in the right format and added support for the thesis.
    3. I completed the conclusion part for you and added my references page. You can add your references in alphabetical order.
    4. The remainder of the paper is in order as indicated by your writing. Please add your reference(s) to the reference page (should be a separate page).
    5. I ran the final written paper through spelling and grammar check. Checks excellent.

    An organization's structure helps a business to establish its operational procedures and work activities that would guide its pathway to achieving its objectives in an organized and meaningful approach. The aim of an organization's structure is to align the best technique that would work for each unique business in attaining its objectives. Organizational information exchange, transmitting ideas, making pertinent decisions and details about how a business or firm would operate are officially documented in each specific organizational structure (Media & Ingram, 2015, p. 1). This paper will illustrate Xerox Organization structure and feature other organizational structures.

    Thesis Statement

    Bureaucratic organization structure is appropriate for Xerox because administration or authority is broadly centralized at the top and messages cascade from the top to consecutive steps down, it boosts Xerox's culture of following rules and guidelines of guarded operational mechanisms of superb supervision.

    Xerox Case Study of Bureaucratic Structure (This is to support your thesis statement)

    Xerox was invented more than 75 years ago. To this day, the company has continued to engineer how the world works by applying the knowledge in imaging, focused business processing, automation and human centric design to make a true difference in creating value for their ...

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    Principles of the bureaucratic structure are examined.