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Developmental theories and how they relate to life's stages.

*briefly describe the Cognitive Developmental Theories

Pick one of the theories and describe why the chosen theory appeals to you, relate it to a developmental life stage or phase. Examples of life stages or phases may include marriage, parenthood, career, a return to school, empty nest, grand parenting.

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Jean Piaget was very influential in the field of Cognitive Development, breaking down each stage of cognitive development from birth to adulthood. Piaget also defines the effect cognitive development has on each stage. Other Psychologists have taken Piaget's theories and built on his knowledge adding to the Cognitive Development Theories.

The first stage of development is from birth to 2 years and is called the sensorimotor stage. Children are trying to figure out the world and all the information they receive is obtained through their senses.

The second stage is the pre-operational stage and occurs between 2 and 7 years of age. Symbolism is a big part of this age group the child uses one object to represent another. A tree branch represents a horse or a box can represent a race car. Children at this stage are very self centered and have a hard time understanding ...

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