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    Human Resource Development - Work Environment and Conditions

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    As an outside consultant, you do not often have control over work environment and conditions. What can be done to maximize transfer of training if the work environment and conditions are unfavorable and difficult to change? Describe some specific actions and why they would be effective.

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    As an outside consultant, you do not often have control over the work environment and conditions; however, you can maximize transfer of training using the right techniques. Here are some specific actions should a consultant find him or herself in a particularly challenging environment:

    1.Quantify the results. Make sure that the objectives and course of action are laid out in a systematic, measureable way. This will help all involved understand the desired course of action. Track the results and post in a highly visible location to encourage greater transfer of training. This would be effective because everything that is tracked is improved. Improvement happens as a result of attention to detail as well as the ability to massage different inputs to construct optimal results. If something is not generating quantifiable results, one can then adjust and re-assess.

    2. Show the benefits. You can do this by illustrating the outcome, creating a vision in management and staffs' minds. Making this as tangible as possible will help impact the culture and work environment. Posters can be displayed with goals, and perceived results as a result of changes in behavior. ...

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    This solution discusses what can be done to maximize transfer of training by a consultant, in the event the environment is not favorable to change. It gives specific actions and reasons that these actions are effective. APA reference is included.