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Critical Issues for Human Resources

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What are five emerging domestic and/or global issues you think are critical for HR and a company to address? How does HR assess these issues when they are in flux? How does HR attempt to resolve emerging issues and know the resolutions are successful?

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The solution discusses critical issues for human resources.

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Emerging domestic and/or global issues critical for HR /Company with the corresponding assessment measures:
1. Political conditions
Government rules and regulations as well as changes in political leadership significantly affect business environment in terms of: legal business structures, investment priorities, and other related concerns.
2. Cultural differences
This is critical because they have to be considered in deciding on: working conditions, motivation strategies, compensation, training, and others.
3. Taxation
Taxation affects profitability of investments. Tax rates also affect the employees in terms of their disposable income and their corresponding consumption and savings patterns. Consequently, it will affect their demand in terms of compensations and other allowances.

4. Ethical issues
For a global company, this is very critical because what may be ethical in one country may be unethical in another country. This is even aggravated by a situation where the company has diverse employees, with diverse ethical ...

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