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    If you were the product manager asked to "globalize" a payroll/HR software application you had successfully marketed in the US, what are the Top 10 issues you'd worry about?

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    //The given discussion paper is based on the globalization of a particular product. In this series, the product selected for the globalization is the human resource software. In this series, in the first section of the discussion paper, the importance of the 'Payroll' or 'Human Resource Software' is explained in detail.//

    Globalization: Human Resource Software


    In the present scenario most of the business organizations are trying to take advantage of payroll or human resource software. The payroll and human resource software helps all the organizations to fulfill their needs. The HR software are made to reorganize vacation policies, compensation policies etc. (Solutions for Payroll and Human Resources, 2008). Human Resource software is the application which helps the managers as a designer, productivity tracker and organizer.

    The software is used for all kinds of business activities. Due to the increasing business complexities, it has become necessary for all the organizations to globalize their software. The managers have to be worried about so many issues in the globalization of the software (Increase Business Efficiency with HR Software, 2008).

    //The next section of the discussion paper involves the globalization process of the human resource software. In the globalization of the software, there are several major issues faced by the business organizations. These issues are discussed in detail in the given section of the document.//

    Globalization of Human Resource software is a ...

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