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Teacher's Perspective: Effective Teaching and Learning Styles

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Describe a personal account of a teacher that may have demonstrated bias, prejudice or subjective grading and reflection of student ability. Write ideas about how good effective teaching can promote achievement. Note examples of a good teaching style.

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How a teacher's personal perspective can be an asset or detriment for student learning is discussed.

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The Effects of a Personal Opinion and Learning Style on Teaching Effectiveness

As a parent or from a student's perspective, understanding the teacher is important. For those who depend on grades, gleaning insight into the style of an instructor could be the difference between an "A" and a "B" grade. But contrarily, one would expect that it should be the other way around. This writer tells the story of an English teacher's bias. The adult, who would eventually graduate top of the class, recounts how he was unfairly graded. The teacher was known to have a great dislike for athletes and subjectively awarded a "C-" for the class, at the end of his semester. A main paper, in question, which was corrected, as advised by this teacher, still received a Key Award and praise at a top ...

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