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    Kounin's Classroom Management Techniques

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    Kounin (1970) observed thousands of hours of instruction to determine effective classroom management techniques and ineffective responses to misbehavior in the classroom. His results were surprising to him. What were his findings? How did his research show that being proactive rather than reactive helped curb inappropriate behavior? How will you use this knowledge in the classroom? Provide examples.

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    Jacob Kounin's two (2) studies on classroom management have discovered that there are techniques and strategies that prevent the occurrence of inappropriate behaviour in the classroom that a teacher should learn and develop to prevent discipline problems thereby transforming the classroom into an effective teaching/learning setting. Kounin has stated that an effective lesson management will pave the way to good classroom management. He has mentioned some key ideas that have been used by the most effective teachers and they are worth noting.

    According to Deb Wuest, the following are among the key ideas of Kounin's model of classroom management are the ripple effect, withitness, overlapping, transitions, group focus, and maintaining interest and involvement. When a teacher attends to one student to correct the misbehaviour, it affects the other students in the classroom. ...

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