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    Classroom Management Theories

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    In 1/2 to 1 page identify a problem such as homework completion, attending poorly to task, or poor class participation. Describe how the challenging behavior could be described using each of the following theoretical perspectives: developmental/constructivist model, biobehavioral model, ecological model, & behavioral model

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    Schools have students who participate poorly in the classroom. There are various factors affecting their behaviour as well as few classroom management theories that can help the teachers understand the behaviour and manage the classroom better.
    Cognitive constructivism focuses on the Piagetian principles that learning is an active process and that it should be authentic and 'real'. To learn better, students need to get hands-on direct experience, encounter errors and look for solutions that are essential in the assimilation of information. Learning must also be real. For example, students need to be engaged in meaningful activities that help them understand the concepts. Students need these kind of activities to motivate them to participate fully. If there is a lesson on addition and ...

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    * Problem behavior and how to explain or manage it in the classroom using the following theories or models: constructivism/developmental model, ecological model, biobehavioral model, behavioral model
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