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    A Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

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    Consider your current view of classroom management. Write an annotated list of those points you currently believe, in bullet format. Include four to five points in each of these categories:

    (1) How the teacher should act.

    (2) How students are expected to behave.

    (3) What the classroom might look and feel like.

    (4) How the teacher helps students conduct themselves properly.

    (5) What the teacher should do about misbehavior.

    (6) How students should be taught what is expected of them.

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    My ideas are merely reflective of my philosophy, which could differ from yours.

    1. How the teacher should act:

    - Enthusiastically
    - Mentor
    - Sensitively
    - Patiently
    - Role model
    - Facilitator
    - Coach
    - Inspirational leader
    - Appropriately
    - Fairly
    - Proactively
    - Professionally
    - Lovingly

    2. How students are expected to behave:

    - Respectfully
    - On task
    - Engaged
    - Academically
    - Appropriately
    - Multiculturally tolerant to others socially
    - Energetically
    - Collaboratively

    3. What the classroom might look and feel like:

    - Engaging
    - Orderly and organized
    - Clean
    - Colorful
    - Warm
    - Filled with students' work
    - Filled with pictures of students working and in extracurricular activities
    - Student-centered
    - Visually appealing and stimulating
    - Safe
    - Collaborative
    - Working stations to promote cooperation and collaboration
    - Family-oriented

    (4) How the teacher helps students conduct themselves properly:

    - Teach, review, and practice rules from day 1 to last day (based on Wong's theories)
    - Modeling
    - Group norms
    - Reinforce positive behaviors with incentives such as Snack ...

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