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Human Resource Behavior Descriptions

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You are called to the home of a terminally ill patient by her family. She has been fighting her illness for a number of months and is rapidly deteriorating. They have called the doctor repeatedly and been informed that there is little more that can be done at this stage. They have not reacted well to this news.

Based on your knowledge of her illness, and your experience with others with similar conditions, you know that a short time remains until she expires. Some family members are agitated and feel the doctor isn't doing enough. The family has asked you if you feel there is anything more that can be done for their loved one and will you do it. What is your response?

Can you please offer some behavior description questions that would be useful in selecting employees for the job listed above.

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The expert examines human resource behavior descriptions. How a human resource manager deals with a family member with a terminal illness is determined.

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I am assuming that you are looking for an employee qualified to vist the home and comfort the ill family member.

First off I would look for a someone who has a Masters degree or higher that has been ...

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