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Human Resource Management Across Various Contexts

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Need discussion pointers on the following topics.

How do governmental influences affect compensation administration? Use specific examples.

What is sexual harassment? Identify and describe the three elements which may constitute sexual harassment.

Identify ways to make performance evaluations more effective. Do you believe one of your suggestions is of higher priority than the others? Explain.

"Although systematic in nature, a job description is still at best a subjective process." Build an argument for and against this statement.
How might a formal career development program be consistent with an organization's affirmative action plan?

"Supervisors should know which employees are having troubles and may ultimately cause harm to other employees. When they identify such an individual, they should take some action to ensure that the employee receives assistance before a disaster strikes." Build an argument supporting this statement and one that does not.

Contrast management, personnel, and human resources management.

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How governmental influences affect compensation administration? Use specific examples.

In reference to how the United States government implemented the first formal compensation administrative program, it was implemented in the early 1920s when the federal government cultivated formal compensation administration after passing the Federal Classification Act of 1923. This Act was responsible for ranking government jobs and developing a set salary in accordance with these rankings. The government further influences wages by setting hourly rates of pay for employees, and the government first passed legislation to address influence compensation administration for salaried employees with the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. As a result of this Act, a minimum wage was created as well as allocation of pay for overtime, conditions set outlawing child labor, gender equality in pay, and the requirement for businesses to keep business records in regard to pay. In reference to non-salaried employees, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 must be applied to their pay, but employees who receive salaries that are based upon annual or monthly set pay are exempt from this Act because their pay is not related to hours worked. .


What is sexual harassment? Identify and describe the three elements, which may constitute sexual harassment.

The definition of sexual harassment can be described as any unwanted sexual attention that targets an employee, student, or person wherein the activity could entail verbal requests for sexual favors, physical conduct of a sexual nature, or nonverbal sexual behavior directed at the person. In America, sexual harassment occurs if the aforementioned behavior explicitly or implicitly attempts to coerce a person into unwanted sexual activity as a condition of being hired for employment; as a form of harassment that attempts to impact the individual's employment status within the organization wherein ...

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This solution discusses various cases of human resources management across various contexts.

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